Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrities & friends at Melissinos Art

Pantelis and Lily Tomlin at Melissinos Art

Pantelis and Bob Saget. I took Bob Saget for a doctor, visiting Athens for a congress and so when I asked him if he was one, he replied: “Yes I’m a Doctor indeed”. A Greek fun of his though, popped in and exposed him as the famous Bob Saget. So he confessed to his true identity and posed with us for some photos (So, if you are a celebrity, please let me know; I shouldn’t be the last to know).

Ellie and Brenda The US Air girls, who visit me each time they are in Athens. They are very funny and as for Ellie...she's literally orbiting the Earth, she's "Ever on The Go". You can find her on the four corners of the earth!!!